The magnificent sea and nature’s of Kas is waiting for you.

Talay Pension is clean,high guality and special. The Talay Pansion is on the coasline, it is the for to city centre and marina 5 minute away. We will continue to give you guality service with our decade of experience.  Kaş Talay Hotel is in the centre of the land of the light, Lycia. Kaş Talay Hotel is only 40 km. far away from Kalkan, Patara, Xantos, Letoon, Myra, Kekova and Saint Nicholas church

Kas is very near to Greek Kastellorizon Island(3 miles). The people who live in Kaş and witnessed world war II. say that a love story like the novel Captain Corelli's Mandolin's have been lived in Kastellorizon too. Because after war an Italian and German officers stayed together in Kaş and told about that story

The geological movements caused the city on the island to submerge, creating a strange scene with half of the city under water and half above. (Underwater diving is strictly forbidden in this area in order to protect the remnants.) Simena (Kalekoy) which is accessible only by sea, will provide you with a bird’s eye-view of the marvels of Kekova from the top of its castle, Xanthos, (Kinik) which was the capital of ancient Lycia, is a mixture of ruins from Lycian, Byzantine and Roman times, and Kyaenai, Aperlai and Apollonia are of interest due to their archeological wealth.

Today´s Kas is a coastal town of the Lycians. "Phellos" is the Greek word for "stony place" and this name is very well suited to Kas. Its well preserved rock tombs and theater are well worth seeing.!

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Famous dive centers, alternatively, extreme sports,Kas pearl of the historical beauty of the mediterranean